Critica festival was born in the beginning of 2018 from a single question: how can art improve people’s lives?

Each Critica explores this question together with artists, writers, storytellers, creators, and a general public.

Critica brings together people from different backgrounds to understand each other, connect, and create together.


Critica’s main goal is promoting inclusion.

By bringing visibility to vulnerable groups in the society, the festival provides a platform for marginalized people to speak out, and simultaneously teaches the audience about those groups.

People from different backgrounds have a chance to get to know each other, connect, and create during the festival.

Critica is accessible to people with different abilities and sign language translation is available in the festival.

In order to reach people who don’t usually choose to interact with art, Critica brings art to public spaces.


As Critica festival collaborates with different artists each edition is unique.

Previous editions included exhibitions; installations; theatre, dance, music, and poetry performances; live art; workshops; screenings; discussions; master classes; games; an auction; a film competition; and lots of opportunities for participants to play and create.

Watch the after movie of Critica Festival 2019 by clicking here!